Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gout and Vitamin B Complex

About a year or so, one of my doctors prescribed Vitamin B Complex to me. I can't recall why. It might be because I was feeling some "electricity" in my body everytime I played badminton. So it might have been something nerve related. In any case, placebo effect or not, I did feel better afterwards and became more active.

In my readings, Vitamin B Complex also gets mentioned every now and then in various gout related articles. However, it is a mixed bag. While there are sites that report that Vitamin B Complex helps liquify uric acid thereby making it water soluble (urine friendly), there are also entries that say that Vitamin B Complex can actually trigger gout. Hmmm...

In one entry, I mentioned that stress depletes the potassium level in the body. Apparently, stress does the same to Vitamin B as well so a little replenishing helps with attacks.

Lastly, in most readings I found, they suggested that you consult your doctor before taking Vitamin B Complex supplements. Then again, you should follow that tip for all medicines that you take.

On a differing note, it looks like my gout attack is finally subsiding. I can walk without a cane again although bending and stretching my leg is still a struggle.

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