Monday, August 24, 2009

Banana Diet and Gout

I did a quick Google search on foods that I've heard are related to gout (whether as a cause or as a treatment). Interesting results:

gout bananas 81,900
gout cherries 356,000
gout strawberries 63,200
gout beer 543,000
gout nuts 207,000
gout grapes 86,900
gout apples 719,000

If we're going to go by sheer numbers, it would seem that apples are most frequently mentioned as a home cure. But today, I've decided to write about bananas.

My parents are wonderful! There's always a store of food in the house. Meanwhile, I don't have a good store of food discipline. I'm like a little rat (well big rat now) gnawing on anything available. So these days, I'm thinking of actually living in my own house where I can control the food store.

Why? Well my gout doesn't seem to be getter better. While there was a streak of months without an attack, it did come back with a vengeance. So I figured the best way to control my diet is to control the source of food. I'll stock my house with bananas and water. I am guessing the effort to walk to my parent's house will not be worth it most of the time; this will have a controlling effect on my diet.

ANYWAY, I did my quick Google research and read through a number of banana entries. In a nutshell, Bananas have potassium which helps liquify gout crystals so that these can be flushed out through the urine. During periods of attach, a person can eat 6-8 bananas and nothing else to help relieve the pain. HOWEVER, apparenty bananas also have Vitamin C, which helps lower uric acid. So it deals with gout two ways. I found two caveats too: bananas alone can't do it and do not take potassium supplements without a doctor's advice.

That's it! Wish me luck. I will be a monkey soon. ;-)

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